For over 7 years, we have been providing professional translation services from English into Italian for private clients, businesses and translation agencies both in Italy and abroad.

As qualified membera of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and expert translatora registered with the Court of Verona, we can provide certified, sworn and legalised translations according to our clients’ needs.

Our sectors of specialisation are:

Contracts and Business Documents

Winemaking Sector

Certified & Sworn Translations

• Arbitration awards, Procedural documents, Notarial deeds
• Contracts, Agreements, General Terms and Conditions, LOIs
• Articles and Memoranda of Associations, Minutes
• Financial statements, Annual reports, Accounting records, Business plans
• Policies, Codes of ethics and conduct
• Business correspondence
• Insurance documents

• Winery websites and presentations
• Production processes
• Technical sheets
• Distribution and agency contracts
• Accompanying documents

• Degrees and diplomas
• Certificates of professional conduct and professional diplomas
• Vital records
• Identity documents
• Criminal and court records
• Bank statements and Business Register File Searches